Saturday, November 12, 2011

Daily Goals

  The time has come. I must start setting goals.  I feel I will hold myself much more accountable if I set a goal and post it. I would hate to set a goal and then have to post that I didn't make it. Since I believe in short steps to success, my goal setting will be no different. I will set one goal a day. Once I accomplish that one goal 7 days in a row, then I will add a new goal. I want to make sure that I just focus on that one goal during the day. In the past I would set multiple goals at once and get really overwhelmed. My first goal I am setting for tomorrow is:
No drinking while eating

  This has been very hard for me, and one of the primary "band rules" that I don't follow. I get so thirsty while eating! So, my focus, one day at a time, is not drinking while eating. I haven't decided if this should include not drinking 30 minutes after eating or not. It probably should, but again, it is hard enough for me to not drink while eating, much less having to wait the 30 minutes afterward. I think that may be the next goal since they kind of go hand in hand. 

 In other news, I went to a new dentist yesterday. My current dentist is ok, but my husband needs some major work done and I wanted to find someone I could trust with his front tooth. So, being the wonderful wife I am, I sacrificed myself, and this is who I came up with:

Don't you feel sorry for me ladies?!?!?! He is even more handsome in person! So, I gave the new dentist two thumbs up (really though, great dentist!). Needless to say, all fears of the dentist have gone away.


  1. Great idea to set small goals,that are achievable-I must do this :)

  2. I really really like your idea for one goal at a time! You motivate me to do the same!! Awesome thinking!!

  3. I though for sure this would be the most difficult of changes to make but when I'm out - I ask the waitress to remove the water and then when I'm home - just don't bring it to the table. When I'm done eating - I look at the clock and give myself 1 hour. Ta-da ...back to chugging the water.

  4. Not drinking while eating is really, really hard for me too. But I have tested it and it makes a world of difference in how quickly you feel full. Good luck with your goal. And yes, tough having to go to an ugly dentist (geez).