Friday, November 18, 2011

It's Friday...BYOC!

I'm very excited; one because it's Friday, WAHOOOO! Two, I am participating in my first BYOC! I also want to say thank you to everyone leaving comments on my blog and for following me. It means a lot to me to know that someone actually cares about what I have to say (or at least is pretending to). I can't wait to finish reading all of your blogs so I can start commenting as well. Thanks Again!

It’s Friday and that means it’s time for another installment of BYOC! That’s Bring Your Own Crazy!! We answer 5 questions in an effort to get to know each other better and to give our blogging brains a break! Copy and paste to your own blog if you so desire – and ENJOY!

I’m going to do a Thanksgiving themed BYOC this week (it was Jenny’s idea)!

1. What is your FAVORITE part of Thanksgiving?

I feel that Thanksgiving is the official start to the holidays. It is the first family gathering around the table, the holiday movies begin, and there is a general feeling of cheeriness (I may have just made that up) in the air. The house gets decorated, the Christmas tree is purchased, and the shopping begins.
2. How many Thanksgiving family events will you attend?

I will only attend one Thanksgiving this year. In past years I and my husband would typically have Thanksgiving dinner with his family, and then go over to my parents for dessert and to be with my side of the family. This year we are having Thanksgiving dinner at his Grandma's like usual, but my parents will be joining us as well. It will be very nice to have both families together for once!
3. What’s your biggest Thanksgiving tradition?

I don't think I really have a Thanksgiving tradition. Other than Pumpkin Pie; does that count! It is my favorite dessert in the whole world. Over cakes, ice cream, candy, brownies, donuts, any other pies, cookies...anything; I LOVE pumpkin pie. Although I have the band this year, I do plan on indulging. Maybe just one slice on Thanksgiving and one togo for another day rather than in years past where I would purchase a whole pie for myself to eat over a weeks period.

4. Do you Black Friday shop the day after Thanksgiving?

I love Black Friday shopping! Usually I and my husband are selfish and just shop for ourselves though. We save up to buy something big if we need it and wait until Black Friday to get a good deal. Last year was my husbands Christmas present of an IPod, and the year before that was our big screen TV. This year a Wii, and a new camera are on the list. If we find something at the store we are at for others, then we will purchase it there, but we will only usually go to one store. I love the hustle and bustle of the shopping season!
5. Repeat question: Summarize your week in real life and in blog world.

Real life is fantastic right now. I have a newfound positive outlook on things and have a general sense of peace about everything. I am excited to bring good energy to everything I do! And of course a 4 day weekend next week is to absolutely die for!

Blog world is great. I am appreciative for all of my followers and the support I receive. I love getting caught up on all of my followers blogs; just takes awhile because I am anal and like to read from the very beginning of your journeys!

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