Friday, November 11, 2011

Potlucks and skinny women

  I recently changed positions in my department at work which relocated my desk to the other side of my building. My new desk is just a few feet away from where I first started 3 years ago, and the same group of women who used to sit there are still there. I must start off by saying that I love this group of aprox. 8 women. They are all very close as they have been with the company for eons and have always sat next each other. They are hilarious, and talk about the most random of things. Most of them are in their 50's and I get a hoot out of the different topics that come up  (I am 29 and the conversations I and my friends have are so different). I was glad I was returning to this section of the department as I could use a little bit of entertainment throughout the day, and they were a shoe in to deliver.
  I have never been a big fan of potlucks. For one, I see how messy and dirty you leave your desk at work, who knows what your home looks like. Secondly, I can't stand the thought of everyone's hands digging into whatever mysterious dish you brought. Or, you know, chip bags, or anything not served with a spoon. Since surgery, I have also noticed that I pay extra attention to whenever said potlucks or occasions come up at work. It fascinates me how people herd around food. They line up like they are never going to eat again. Our phones at work can be going crazy and all you have to do is look for the food to find where everyone went.
   I got settelled into my new desk on Tuesday and the very next day had learned of a potluck these women were going to have. I thought nothing of it, wasn't even interested as I am not usually tempted by these. It hasn't bothered me much watching other people get to enjoy food. Until the other day that is. These women sat and ate A-L-L  D-A-Y  L-O-N-G! Sandwiches, cookies, and too many desserts to name them all. Not to mention that they are all a size 2-4 (ok, maybe not all of them, but you get the picture). Then they would complain while rubbing their non-existent tummy's that they ate too much. Then they would talk about how big their thighs were or some other issue they had with themselves. I could not believe my ears. It was VERY hard to listen to. I know this is something I will have to get used to, but I was almost brought to tears by the time I went home. To know that others can sit there and eat crap all day long and still be so tiny has always been hard for me. It seems like the smallest of things would make me 2 lbs heavier in just one day.
   Man, this is going to be hard. These women have potlucks like they are going out of style. I just have to keep my eye on the prize. One foot in front of the other.


  1. Yeah that's definitely hard! Like you said just keep your goals in mind and continue to make good choices!

  2. I completely understand. What we have to realize though is skinny chicks don't always eat that way. I bet most of them take walks or get to the gym every day or most days of the week as well.

    Just keep your chin up and as hard as it is sometimes, try not to compare yourself to them.

  3. Ugh, skinny women... can't live with 'em, can't wait to be one of 'em.

    Keep up the great attitude. Eyes on the prize and you'll be fine. :)