Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012...My Year!

  Sorry....long post. Goals for 2012!

  I am confident that 2012 will be my year! Its all or nothing people. I am going to give this journey the attention it I deserve. I have carefully set forward a list of goals to get me to where I want to be. The past 7 1/2 months since being banded have been about me adjusting, learning, and more importantly realizing that unless I put forth the effort, I will be one of those outlandish statistics that say LapBand patients only lose around 30% of their excess weight. I REFUSE to be a statistic! More than not wanting to be a statistic though, I want to prove to myself that I can do this. I will lose this weight once and for all. I will make exercise a part of my life. I will choose healthy foods. I will cross off every single one of the items listed under my "wishes do come true" tab. And I will see the joy in my moms eyes when she will no longer have to worry and pray about her daughters health/weight. And as a bonus I will have that "told you so" moment when I see my grandmother for the first time at goal (she is a skeptic and VERY judgemental). So, without further goals for 2012:
  1. Weight
    • Goal 1-209 lbs by 8/9/2012 (Star Trek convention-Las Vegas)
    • Stretch Goal-200
      • To meet Goal I will have to lose 1.5 per week; stretch goal is 1.8 per week
    • Goal 2-194 lbs by 10/18/2012 (Hawaii trip)
      • Continuing to lose at 1.5 per week
    • Goal 3-179 lbs by 12/31/2012 (End of the Year)
    • Stretch Goal-170
      • To meet Goal I will be continuing to lose at 1.5 per week; stretch goal is my original when I started this journey. This would be a weight I would be comfortable at to start a family which was my main purpose for the band. My next goal weight will be after pregnancy and the ultimate I would like to be at (probably somewhere between 140-150). This would be a total of 78 lbs lost in the year 2012; total of 86 if I reach my stretch goal. I am so excited as I feel these numbers are totally doable. The goal numbers aren't nice round numbers as I  based them off of 1.5 lbs lost per week. I would LOVE to set higher gaols, but I want to be realistic. I tend to lose a little slower and don't want to set myself up for disappointment. I will be a happy girl if when I meet these weight goals!
  2. Scale
    • I will weigh in only once per week. The scale will not be the deciding factor in my overall progress!
  3. Exercise
    • I will set an exercise goal every month. This will be a minute based goal per month. Exercise has not been a part of my journey thus far and I feel it would be too difficult for me mentally to say I need to go to the gym x times per week. As long as meet the total minutes every month, I am a happy girl. I plan on calculating the minutes as if I were supposed to do 30min. 4x per week with 60min on a weekend day. This would come to 180min. per week. If I want to break it up as shown above, great, if not, I don't worry about it as long as I get those minutes in at the end of the month.
    • I plan on incorporating a ton of different activities into my exercise plan. I do have a gym membership that I will use often. I also have a treadmill at home. For Christmas I got a Wii and the Wii Fit with balance board that I plan on breaking in. I also purchased Wii games like Walk It Out and Active Life:Explorer. All of which make you move around and complete tasks while walking, jumping, and doing tons of different exercise type moves. Oh, I almost forgot, I also go The Biggest Loser Wii game. My mother-n-law loves to bike ride, so hopefully I can incorporate this as well. I would love to find a boot camp style class as well once I am in a little better shape. With all of these activities, plus so many more, I am sure I will be able to achieve my exercise goal each month!
    • Check out the Exercise tracker at the top right side of my page. Hold me accountable!
  4. Measure all meals at home-1-1 1/2 cups
    • I have seriously lacked in this department. I know I am eating much less than prior to surgery, but can almost guarantee I am eating more than the 1-1 1/2 cup standard.
  5. Consistently follow 80/20 rule
    • This to me means if I follow the rules and eat healthy and make good choices 80% of the time, I will call it a success. Face it, we aren't perfect. If anyone says they are, they are lying. If I deny myself something I want (really want, not just emotionally want) then it turns into overeating later. If I allow myself the room to have something that may not be the best choice, in a moderate portion, and stick to healthy choices the other 80% of the time, then I will succeed. "Allowing" myself this 20% will mentally help me make better choices overall. I will have to pick and choose what I want to use this on, which will lead to less bad food choices overall. (I have no clue if this makes sense to anyone else, but it does to me!)
  6. NO SODA AT ALL (no further explanation needed)
  7. Run a 5K
    • I would love to do more than this, but this is the goal. I have those 2 big trips this year as well as going back to school. I wanted to run a Mud Run (5K with obstacles) in October, however, it is the day after I come back from Hawaii. So the plan is to look for another race. Stay tuned!
  8. Blog regularly/@ least 5 days a week
    • I admit it....I am not the best blogger. I read so many inspiring and fun blogs, and then I look at mine and cry. No, but really. I appreciate each and every one of you that takes the time to read and comment. I want my blog in the New Year to hold me accountable. I want to track things more consistently so I can reflect on where I once was. It is an important journal for me about my journey. Blogging more will keep me motivated. I plan on giving weekly weigh in updates on my blog, exercise progress, and overall updates on my progress.
  9. No Computer/TV one day per week
    • I have to use the computer at work, but I won't be using it for anything other than work one day per week. With no computer or TV once per week I believe it will lead to me doing other 'active' activities. Essentially it leads to me not sitting on my A$$. At work during my breaks and lunch period I am always on the internet. Whether reading blogs, on Facebook, or buying something online, I am always sitting at my desk. I use to love walking around the building on breaks and lunch, and this will help get me back in that habit!
  10. Read 6 books
    • I love to read and don't give myself enough time to enjoy this. While reading is a sedentary activity I wanted to include not only weight/exercise related goals, but goals that played a part into my emotional well-being also. It is something I enjoy, and being happy is a big part of 2012 for me. Hmmmm...I think I just came up with my word for the year...Happiness! Anyways, back on topic. I have always wanted a nice place that is quiet where I can read and not be distracted. I have recently cleared a space in the office for an overstuffed "comfy" chair that I will be in the market for. I also want to enjoy the fresh air outside and plan on getting a nice space cleared in the backyard for reading as well. (now if I can just get the next door neighbors dog to stop barking EVERY TIME we are in our yard!)
  11. Housework
    • I know...I know...who would make Housework a goal for 2012. As I eluded to in the last goal 2012 is more than just weight/exercise for me. It is a balance of my whole life. Lets face it, I am not the best house cleaner. And unless I win the lotto soon, I cannot afford a housekeeper. So, to get the house tidy, and more importantly stay that way, I will dedicate at least 30min every day and 1 hr one weekend day to housework. Whether it is actually cleaning, or organizing, or doing laundry, I will dedicate this time to keeping our home nice.
  12. Prepare meals at home
    • This is a big one for me. I don't cook. Not that I'm not good at it, or don't know how, I just don't do it. I have a few recipe books and actually enjoy looking up recipes online, but I never get to trying them out. I believe eating at home is a major factor in losing weight and just knowing what is in your food. You can calculate your calories easier and you control your portions. This goal will include eating out only once per week. I know this still may seem high to most, but for someone that eats out at least 4-5 times a week, this will be a huge improvement. It doesn't mean that we will allow ourselves to eat out once a week, hopefully it will be less than this, but it is the maximum I will allow. This is also a good way to control what I eat at work for lunches as I will have plenty of healthy leftovers.
  13. Track calories/Use BodyBugg program
    • At this point I do not track what I eat. I do it in my head, and quite frankly, that doesn't work as I have not lost nearly the amount of weight I could have up to now. I spent a ridiculous amount of money on a BodyBugg (the same device used by the Biggest Loser contestants) about 2 years ago. I used it pretty regularly at first, then the subscription ran out and I let it go. I got back into it about 3 months ago and purchased a year subscription and then stopped wearing the damn thing after only a month. I love this device. It is accurate and is great for recording how many calories you burn and then you enter what you eat in the program and you can see the deficit of what you burned to what you ate. I don't know why it is so hard for me to stick with. I guess the armband gets a little annoying and that is probably why I am not consistent. It is kind of large and shows when you wear short sleeves so it is not easy to hide. Had I been an exercise buff and researched other options beforehand I probably would have gone with a good Polar or Garmin, but I spent good money on the thing and I plan on using it. I will use it until the subscription runs out again and then decide if I want to renew it or switch over to something like the Polar or Garmin.
So there you have it! My goals for 2012. I know it may seem like a lot, and maybe too overwhelming for a lot of people. As I stated at the beginning though, I truly feel this year is all or nothing. I and my husband have decided that at the beginning of next year we will try to start a family. I can no longer let my weight issues control my whole life. But it is such a important factor for me, that I want to give it 100% once and for all to set myself up for a healthy pregnancy. I want to have a balance in my life that I have never had and I think all of these goals play just as an important part as the other. Here's to the new year, and all of us achieving what it is we seek!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas...bah humbug

  I wanted to do a post before Christmas to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, but obviously did not get around to it. I do hope everyone enjoyed their time with family and friends and the general cheerfulness the holidays bring. This year I could not "get into" the season for some reason. I LOVE Christmas and all it entails, but for some reason this year I felt down. I know I am subconsciously thinking of my sister (family drama that I just can't get into right now) and just wishing that things could go back to the way they were before things started going downhill for her. But this is out of my control, so I am just trying to deal.
  I pray the new year brings a year of happiness and big changes for me. I am putting together a list of things I want to accomplish next year. Both healthwise, and some non-health related items. I am optimistic for the new year, and this does bring a smile to my face. We have two big trips planned; Vegas in August and Hawaii in October. Both of which will have weight goals attached. I also plan on running my first 5k next year and committing myself to the gym and other outdoor activities. Cooking at home will be another priority. Reading more and less computer/TV is on the list. These are just a few of the things I have come up with. Stay tuned for my New Years post with the full list of commitments! I know New Years Resolutions are cliche, but it is easier for me to reflect and hold myself accountable if I write it down. And how nice it would be to check each one off as it is accomplished!
  Better get back to work. Work the Tuesday after a 4-day holiday is painful. I will send good vibes out to whoever is enduring this with me!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

What I'm Eating

  I have decided now is the time to change my eating pattern to really get this weight loss going in the right direction; well faster at least. Yes, 7 months after surgery I am taking ownership for my part of this journey. As we all know, the band is just part of the equation.   In the past I didn't really eat breakfast. I just wasn't hungry. And if on the rare occasion I was hungry, it was manageable hunger and I would just wait until lunch. This probably led to part of my weight gain as I would be really hungry later in the day and overeat and lunch and dinner. After reading many blogs, I have seen that those with the most success do eat at least something for breakfast. So, I will give it a try. I seem to be the opposite of most bandsters and am looser in the morning than in the evenings. Getting in a good breakfast shouldn't be a big deal. I don't however believe in eating when not hungry so what I eat will be dependent on this. Yesterday morning I wasn't that hungry so I just did a Slim Fast shake which was more than enough to tide me over until lunch while giving me a good amount of protein. For 190cal, I will take it! This morning I had two scrambled eggs with a sprinkle of cheese and some salsa. We will see how long it lasts and if I get hungry before lunch. For lunch a can of Campbells Chunky Savory Pot Roast soup is on hand.

 It is only 240 cal for the large can and has 14grams of protein and only 1 g fat. Not to mention a whole serving of vegetables. Can't beat that! I am not a huge soup fan but I know it is a healthy option so I will try to incorporate it more. For dinner leftover chicken and a salad is on the menu. Nothing too fancy, but what we have in the fridge and needs to be eaten up. I plan on making a menu for a huge grocery trip this weekend. If you have any suggestions please share! I am not a great cook, so I don't have a lot of recipes. I need to learn though so any help would be appreciated.

Have a great Friday Eve everyone!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Big Trips Next Year

  I think its about time I set some weight related goals for myself. I have 2 big trips next year and want to feel comfortable for both. The first is to Las Vegas in August. I and my husband are going to a Star Trek convention. Yes, you read correctly, a Star Trek convention. I NEVER watched the show before my husband and he got me into it as he has been a HUGE fan since he was a little boy. I must admit, I really like it. Never in a million years did I think I would like Star Trek, but it is pretty addicting. Anyways, August in Vegas=100+ degrees, and at anything over 200 lbs just sounds miserable. Add that with 4,000 attendees crammed into the convention areas, yeah, no thanks. So, my goal is to be at 200 lbs by then. I will have to lose 57 lbs., which comes to 1.7 per week (I will focus on this smaller goal week by week). Totally attainable, but a lot of hard work, at least for me. My weight loss has been on the slow side (totally due to my actions) but hopefully with putting an exercise plan in place, I will be ready to tackle it. And if the Star Trek convention isn't motivation enough; hopefully Hawaii will be!

  Yes, my very generous Mother-in-Law is taking I and my husband to Hawaii in October. I could not be more excited! Well, I could be. Me in a hot bikini at that time vs. a huge wrap feeling totally out of place. Lets face it people, I want to feel sexy in Hawaii. Is that too much to ask? Not only would it be my husbands first time seeing me in a swimsuit ( I wouldn't be too self-conscious in front of him), but I would be in front of my mother-in-law, her boyfriend, and not to mention all of Hawaii! Well, maybe not the whole state, but there will be a lot of people on the beach. So, I am super excited. And I want to look fabulous. Goal to Hawaii is 180 lbs. Its gonna take a lot of work. I am up for the challenge though. After Hawaii I would only be 10 pounds away from goal and ready to start a family which was my main purpose for getting the band to start with. The future is looking bright!


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Still Here!

  I can't believe almost 2 weeks have passed since I last posted! I have been a little stressed over this holiday season for some reason. I always want to try to get thoughtful gifts and something everyone will like. It stresses me out more than it should. It has taken a little more effort as well to get into the holiday spirit. Not sure why. I LOVE Christmas and everything it involves. We usually get our tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving and we just got it up and decorated last night. It did help my mood somewhat to see it all lit up and decorated. It is a pretty tree. I have to ship out my nieces gifts on my lunch today so then that will be donw. Still have to get my husbands gift together, stocking stuffers and such. Then I have to get my mother-n-laws gift; this shouldn't be too hard as I know what to get, just have to drive downtown to get it. My husbands grandma's gift is going to take some time to get together. We I am making her a shadow box of memories of my husband of her. I had to purchase a lot of miniatures off of EBAY to find exactly what we wanted. Waiting to pull together a few more things and then we can start putting it together.
  On the band front things are going pretty good. Haven't PB'd since my episode about 2 weeks ago. I am starting to learn and adjust now that I am near restriction. I am eating less, however I am not staying full for as long as I would like. I am scheduled for a fill on 12/26. I think I will ask for a small one; maybe .25. That will put me at 6.25 CC in my 10CC band. I am sure I will then be at my "sweet spot." I am holding steady at 259.5 lbs. My goal is to be at 257 by my appt. That will be a total of 30 lbs down. Totally doable! I just need to focus now on what I am eating. I have doing great with no drinking while eating and pretty good with waiting 30 min after eating to drink. I am noticing that I don't get all of my liquids in now since following these rules, so I will have to work on this. Well,  thats all I have for now. Hope everyone has a great day!

Here is a picture of our Christmas tree. A little hard to see the ornaments, but pretty I think nontheless.