Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Big Trips Next Year

  I think its about time I set some weight related goals for myself. I have 2 big trips next year and want to feel comfortable for both. The first is to Las Vegas in August. I and my husband are going to a Star Trek convention. Yes, you read correctly, a Star Trek convention. I NEVER watched the show before my husband and he got me into it as he has been a HUGE fan since he was a little boy. I must admit, I really like it. Never in a million years did I think I would like Star Trek, but it is pretty addicting. Anyways, August in Vegas=100+ degrees, and at anything over 200 lbs just sounds miserable. Add that with 4,000 attendees crammed into the convention areas, yeah, no thanks. So, my goal is to be at 200 lbs by then. I will have to lose 57 lbs., which comes to 1.7 per week (I will focus on this smaller goal week by week). Totally attainable, but a lot of hard work, at least for me. My weight loss has been on the slow side (totally due to my actions) but hopefully with putting an exercise plan in place, I will be ready to tackle it. And if the Star Trek convention isn't motivation enough; hopefully Hawaii will be!

  Yes, my very generous Mother-in-Law is taking I and my husband to Hawaii in October. I could not be more excited! Well, I could be. Me in a hot bikini at that time vs. a huge wrap feeling totally out of place. Lets face it people, I want to feel sexy in Hawaii. Is that too much to ask? Not only would it be my husbands first time seeing me in a swimsuit ( I wouldn't be too self-conscious in front of him), but I would be in front of my mother-in-law, her boyfriend, and not to mention all of Hawaii! Well, maybe not the whole state, but there will be a lot of people on the beach. So, I am super excited. And I want to look fabulous. Goal to Hawaii is 180 lbs. Its gonna take a lot of work. I am up for the challenge though. After Hawaii I would only be 10 pounds away from goal and ready to start a family which was my main purpose for getting the band to start with. The future is looking bright!


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  1. You can do, just stay focused and don't let minor set backs stand in your way... Now if only I could listen to my own advice :o)