Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Still Here!

  I can't believe almost 2 weeks have passed since I last posted! I have been a little stressed over this holiday season for some reason. I always want to try to get thoughtful gifts and something everyone will like. It stresses me out more than it should. It has taken a little more effort as well to get into the holiday spirit. Not sure why. I LOVE Christmas and everything it involves. We usually get our tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving and we just got it up and decorated last night. It did help my mood somewhat to see it all lit up and decorated. It is a pretty tree. I have to ship out my nieces gifts on my lunch today so then that will be donw. Still have to get my husbands gift together, stocking stuffers and such. Then I have to get my mother-n-laws gift; this shouldn't be too hard as I know what to get, just have to drive downtown to get it. My husbands grandma's gift is going to take some time to get together. We I am making her a shadow box of memories of my husband of her. I had to purchase a lot of miniatures off of EBAY to find exactly what we wanted. Waiting to pull together a few more things and then we can start putting it together.
  On the band front things are going pretty good. Haven't PB'd since my episode about 2 weeks ago. I am starting to learn and adjust now that I am near restriction. I am eating less, however I am not staying full for as long as I would like. I am scheduled for a fill on 12/26. I think I will ask for a small one; maybe .25. That will put me at 6.25 CC in my 10CC band. I am sure I will then be at my "sweet spot." I am holding steady at 259.5 lbs. My goal is to be at 257 by my appt. That will be a total of 30 lbs down. Totally doable! I just need to focus now on what I am eating. I have doing great with no drinking while eating and pretty good with waiting 30 min after eating to drink. I am noticing that I don't get all of my liquids in now since following these rules, so I will have to work on this. Well,  thats all I have for now. Hope everyone has a great day!

Here is a picture of our Christmas tree. A little hard to see the ornaments, but pretty I think nontheless.


  1. Tree looks great. This time of the year is stressful for everyone!!! It sounds like we both need to try to relax and enjoy.

  2. Good luck with the holiday spirit, I sometimes wonder if it is because we can't eat like we used to that he spirit takes a little longer to find us :p

    On the band front, I try to get most of my water in before luch as I usually have some difficulty eating in the morning.