Saturday, January 14, 2012


Ok, look at what I get for not blogging regularly. I miss out in all the fun. Well I decided to play anyways although its been a couple of days.

The Rules
1. Post these rules.
2. You must post 11 random things yourself.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post.
4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
5. Go to their blog and tell them that you've tagged them.
6. No stuff in the tagging section about ‘you are tagged if you are reading this.’ Blah blah blah, you legitimately have to tag 11 peeps!

My random 11
1. I finally took down the Christmas tree today. I know, I am a slacker!

2. I love to gamble (I don't ever take more than I can afford to lose). I don't go to the casino too often, maybe 6 times a year, but sometimes I get into a mood where I want to go every weekend! I get it out of my system and am good for a few months without going. Vegas in August baby!!!!

3. I  am addicted to Dateline and 48 HR. Mystery

4. I  was a 911 dispatcher with the Sacramento Police Department for 1 year (loved that job!)

5. I used to work for Muscle Beach Lemonade (Hot Dog on a Stick)

6. Just booked I and my husbands plane tickets to Oahu. We are visiting Pearl Harbor on our trip to Hawaii in October.

7. I love being an American and am very into politics. I love the history of our country and my husband and I love going to historical sites and monuments/memorials and political events.

8. I can't stand raw onions but LOVE them cooked.

9. My husband says I shed like a dog.

10. I only have one set of grandparents and each grandparent is from each side of my family. Confusing, yes. I have to explain this one. My moms dad is married to my dads mom. My mom and dad are officially step-brother and step-sister. Sounds kinda gross but it really isn't, I swear. My parents have been together since high school. My mothers mom passed away and my fathers dad passed away, so the remaining spouses (my grandparents) ended up together and got married! They have been together since before I was born so I always grew up with only one set of grandparents (kinda sucked on the presents front), but was neat in the same sense as each was a blood relative of both of my parents.

11. I am one of the few that does not have an I-Phone nor desire to own one.

Banded for Me's questions
1.  How often do you have to wash your hair?
I like to wash it every other day. Sometimes I will wash every day depending on how hard (sweaty) my workouts are. If I was every day regularly it drys out my hair really bad and it does not hold its style as good the next day! (I heard this is what pageant contestants do)

2. What's your daly goal for protein intake?
I don't really keep track of my protein. I know I should, but it isn't on the goal list for me. I always pick high in protein foods first, so I don't worry about it too much.

3. Favorite item on the work desk?
Picture of my husband taken the first year we were together (8 years ago). Love, love, love the picture.

4. Who would you pick to solve your murder: criminal minds team or CSI?
I am probably one of the few who has never watched criminal minds. I would have to put my trust in the original (Las Vegas) CSI team. Love this show!

5. What is your favorite flower?
I can't pick just one:Ranunculus and Green Cymbidium Orchid. Yes, I know, not the most famous of flowers, but my two absolute favorite. I had to incorporate them both in my wedding! Below is a picture of both. The small orange ones are the Rananculus (they weren't in season and VERY hard to get so they are a little on the small side here) and the Green Cymbidium Orchid is the one in my bouquet and as my husbands boutonniere.

6. What book are you reading now?
River's End-Nora Roberts

7. What is your favorite sport?
I never played any but would love to learn to play golf. My grandpa says I have a natural swing! I love, love, love to watch football. Go NINERS!!!

8. Are you usually late, early or always on time when meeting with someone?
Always early. I have never been late to work, not even once, and am typically the first one everywhere I go. That is when the husband isn't in tow!

9. Have you / would you ever bungee jump?
No thank you. I like to stay with my feet planted on the ground as much as possible. However I do think I may try a zip line in Hawaii later this year.

10. What would be your dream career?
A detective of any sort. I love investigation. At one point I was going for my bachelors degree in Criminal Justice but life got in the way. I also don't think I could ever be a cop and that is usually the first step. Oh, I almost forgot. If there were such thing as a permanent jury member, that would be a tie with detective. I am the ONLY person on earth (that I know of) that can't wait for a jury summons. I am waiting for my turn in the box!

11. Do you believe in first love?
Hmmmm. Not quite sure if this is meant as love at first sight or if there is only one true love for us out there. I will kind of answer both just in case. While I don't believe in love at first sight (lust at first sight, maybe, but not true love), I can say that after my first date with my now husband (about 3 days after meeting him), I knew he was going to be "the one". It was just a feeling and I remember telling my parents this and they thought I was crazy after only one date (and the fact that I had just turned 21). While I love my husband dearly and don't think I could ever love anyone as much as I love him, I do believe that there is more than one person out there for us. I have read/heard of many people that lose someone they love and have very meaningful and just as deep of relationships with others later in life.
I would post questions for others and tag them however I think everyone I know of has probably already done this by now!

Ho Hum

  Thats kind of how I feel right now. Just ho hum. Not bad, not good. Just going through the motions. My husband has been out of town since Thursday and won't be home until very late tomorrow (Sunday). It seems that whenever he is gone it is harder for me to stay on track. No one else to cook for, no one to be accountable to. I have not gotten in any exercise time this week, nor as much blogging as my goal states I will. I have also eaten out more than the allotted one time per week. And here is the biggest disappointment; I have strayed to the liquid Satan. SODA. Not just once, but probably 3 times this week. Why is the stuff so addicting??? And worst yet is that it isn't even diet. Uggghhhh! I am very upset about this one as I was determined to keep this goal. I am not going to make excuses. It sounded good, and I wanted it. Plain and simple. We may have to remove it from the house completely until I have the will power to control this. I can use the excuse that it was TTOM this week and that is why I wanted to eat junk and didn't want to work out, but as women we have to face this once per month. If I used this as an excuse for 1 week out of 4 every month, I will never get to goal. I will just have to suck it up and keep pushing through. Who knows what the scale will say tomorrow, but whatever it is, I am ready for it. I would be happy with any loss at all, but will not be upset if I don't lose anything. I will just be disappointed I let myself down and I will have to turn it into motivation to do better this upcoming week.  I am still confident I can will make my exercise goal for the month. There is still half of a month to make this time up and I plan on going to the gym tomorrow morning to put a dent in it.
   I am still waiting to get a fill. I was scheduled for Dec 26th when the office called to cancel as they weren't going to be in the day after Christmas (which I stressed when making the appt to begin with but they insisted they would be there). Then they rescheduled for the following week. Got a call from the office saying they had to cancel again. My authorization for the fill had expired at the end of the year and we would have to get a new one. I haven't called them back yet to see if they got the new authorization. I will call on Monday to see if it is in place. I plan on getting a small fill, probably asking for a .25. I am at 6cc in a 10cc band. I am at a really good place. I stay full for aprox. 5 hours (depending on what I eat), and I am able to get everything down if I follow the simple bandster rules. I have only been stuck really once, about a month and a half ago. It was after my last fill and I ate a piece of steak that was too well done and probably a little too big of a bite. Since then, no issues. I know I am very close to my sweet spot though. I can feel food go down a little slow if it is hard protein (chicken or other meat) and I don't go slowly. I think I need the small fill though because my portions are still a little larger than I would like. I think the .25 will be perfect. Hopefully my PA will agree.
  In non band related news I started a new semester of school today. I have been taking a few classes here and there to try to get into a medical coding certificate program. All of my classes in past semesters have been online. Until this morning. The only thought I had while sitting in that class was "I am way too old for this." At 29 I was within the 5 oldest people in the class (out of like 40). And to make it worse....they are using those horrible little desks that I remember from elementary school.
  While I have been feeling pretty good about losing 30 lbs lately, there is nothing like putting you in your place that your still fat than this horrible little invention. And whats worse is that while walking up to it, it looks bigger than it really is. I'm thinking in my head, "It's not that small, I will fit in it with plenty of room to spare." Yeah, not so much. I barely squeezed in. A good reminder that although I am on my way, I still have a long ways to go. The instructor made us get to know one other person in class and then introduce them to everyone else (hate these types of things!), reminds me of high school. Again thinking to myself, "I am way too old for this." These introductions of fellow classmates led to the highlight of the class for me when one guy (probably 18, just out of high school) said, "I'm single, bilingual, and ready to mingle."Classic. Again I said to myself, "I am REALLY too old for this."

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Week at a glance

 Man....what a week. As I have mentioned before, it seems like the harder I try, the worse/harder things are. I don't get it. I think this post calls for bullets...
  • Weight-loss of only .5-while I am grateful for any loss at all, I was expecting more. And the way I planned my weight loss goals for the year, I am behind the 1.5 per week average. Good thing is there is still plenty of time to make it up. I have to re-evaluate this week and see where things went wrong.
  • Scale-only weigh in once per week-yeah this didn't happen. Hello, my name is Ashleigh, and I am a scaleaholic. This will take practice. Maybe I need to put the scale out of plain view and in a cabinet.
  • Exercise-I completed 90 min of exercise this past week. Not great, but a big improvement. I used my Wii Walk It Out game for 30 min, walked during my breaks at work for 30 min, and went to the gym once, yesterday, for 30 min. I am proud of these figures and am sure this next week I will add to them. I am sure I will still meet my total exercise minutes for the month.
  • Measure all meals at home-didn't happen, not even once. I don't know why really. I guess its because I truly believe I can "eye" it and figure out how much 1-1 1/2 cups really is. I plan on making this a priority this week.
  • Consistently follow 80/20 rule-this week was about a 70/30. I made healthier options, but could have done better in some areas. I was really good at work and was below my 1200 calorie count on most days. I am going to try harder to make sure I get in all of my calories as I have heard sometimes not getting enough can stall weight loss.
  • No soda at all-YEAH!!!! I can proudly say I have not had any soda since the new year. Is it hard; yes. But I do not plan on going back on this one.
  • Run a 5K-I still need to find a race
  • Blog regularly/5 days a week-Unfortunately this one didn't happen. I need to set a specific time to do this. I think at work is best as that is when I have a little extra time during my lunch
  • No computer/TV one day a week-I didn't plan this one out well at all. After a long days work I and my husband enjoy sitting down with each other and watching our favorite shows. Especially since this week all new TV started for the season. I know I have to adopt this though to change our habits and get moving more. This is also hard as I usually fall asleep to TV at night. Not sure what I will do about that one.
  • Read 6 books-I have enjoyed working towards this goal. I picked up a novel I had finished 1/2 of and have read a couple of chapters each day.
  • Housework/clean 30 min each day-I have done pretty good at this one. Not 30 min EVERY day, but pretty close.
  • Prepare meals at home-we prepared meals for lunch and dinner every day this week except one night which is allowed per my goal. One day I even told my husband I did not have time to make his lunch and that he could buy at work and he said, "Do I have to?" What??? Excuse me, is this my husband wanting to make his lunch!!!! Total NSV. He ended up picking out a few healthy things himself and was on his way.
  • Track calories/use BodyBugg-I have kept to this one fairly well. Maybe not putting in ALL of my calories, but it is so nice to see the deficit of calories burned to calories taken in. In order to be accurate though I need to make sure to calculate everything.
 So there you have it. I think I did much better this past week than previously and still only saw .5 lost. I am not going to get discouraged though. I know I need to up my exercise and just make sure to keep track of those calories and portion sizes. Heres to hoping to see better results next week!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Off to a rough start

  Well, for the first day of the new year things have not gone that great. I have followed a lot of my new goals but not all of them like I wanted to. This is just something I will have to learn from and adjust and prepare myself for anything and everything. This morning was great. I was excited about starting off to a good start. I had Fage for breakfast. Definitely not my favorite, but I know that is a good source of protein. Whoever says they prefer Greek yogurt over regular is crazy! At least if you didn't grow up on the stuff, it is a hard adjustment. To me the consistency is the hardest thing to get over. It reminds me of sour cream, but worse. And lets face it, theres not enough fruit in that little cup they give you. I finished most of it, but left about 2 bites in the bottom. A success in my book! I will continue to eat these even though they are not the best. I and the husband went grocery shopping later this morning. Bought $198 worth of healthy food. Man its expensive eating healthy! For lunch we had some fish. I had two small pieces and was still hungry so I had one of those small wedges of Laughing Cow cheese with 7 Kashi 8-grain original crackers. This filled me up until around 5:30 and I was STARVING! We were going over to Grandmas for dinner. She had made some beans and rice. Rice, not that great for me, so I had about 3 teaspoons worth. And I had a pretty good helping of the beans but knew I would be hungry later.
  Now, the reason things went downhill. When we got to Grandma's she said "Lady", the dog, hadn't eaten in two days. This is very unusual for this very upbeat, active dog. So, I and the husband went outside and Lady was in the very back of her Igloo which is again very unlike her. Long story short, we knew something was wrong and she had to go to the Vet hospital ASAP. Her breathing was hard and she wasn't herself. My mother-n-law drove out and took Lady with my husband while I stayed back with Grandma. After a few hours they called and said they had to put Lady down. Xrays showed a liver twice its normal size and her heart swimming in fluid. They then did a blood panel which confirmed cancer. Her heart was suffocating her.
  By the time mother-n-law and the husband got back it was 10:30pm. My husband hadn't even had dinner yet. We got home and he made a sandwich. This is where I got offtrack. I knew I was physically hungry. I think if I had gone to bed at a regular time, around 9 or so, I could have made it until morning. But it was late, and emotionally down. I made a grilled cheese sandwich. And ate it. I had a fridge full of healthy items, and I chose a grilled cheese sandwich. I learned two things from this. Sometimes things happen in life that take us off of plan. Its how we deal with these issues that will help us succeed. Second thing I learned, I am an emotional eater. Duh, right? While I was physically hungry, the choices I made were emotional. I wanted comfort food. So, in the future I need to figure out how to deal with things better. Any suggestions???
  While tonight certainly isn't the typical, it is still not a reason to go off the wall and go crazy. But I can recognize that while things did not go as planned and I did not make the best choices, I cannot beat myself up over it. I have to remember that if I stick to the 80/20 rule, making healthy choices 80% of the time I will succeed. I will get back on track tomorrow and make better choices the rest of the week.
  Being at Grandma's for over 5 hours tonight also put a damper on some of my other goals. I did not do my 30 min of housework today. Although I think grocery shopping should count, right?? No cheating, I know. It is not the same thing. I cleaned the kitchen earlier in the morning, but don't think I got in 30 min straight. I also did not get any exercise minutes in today, but as long as I meet my goal for the month, I am good.
  So, heres to a better day tomorrow....