Sunday, January 1, 2012

Off to a rough start

  Well, for the first day of the new year things have not gone that great. I have followed a lot of my new goals but not all of them like I wanted to. This is just something I will have to learn from and adjust and prepare myself for anything and everything. This morning was great. I was excited about starting off to a good start. I had Fage for breakfast. Definitely not my favorite, but I know that is a good source of protein. Whoever says they prefer Greek yogurt over regular is crazy! At least if you didn't grow up on the stuff, it is a hard adjustment. To me the consistency is the hardest thing to get over. It reminds me of sour cream, but worse. And lets face it, theres not enough fruit in that little cup they give you. I finished most of it, but left about 2 bites in the bottom. A success in my book! I will continue to eat these even though they are not the best. I and the husband went grocery shopping later this morning. Bought $198 worth of healthy food. Man its expensive eating healthy! For lunch we had some fish. I had two small pieces and was still hungry so I had one of those small wedges of Laughing Cow cheese with 7 Kashi 8-grain original crackers. This filled me up until around 5:30 and I was STARVING! We were going over to Grandmas for dinner. She had made some beans and rice. Rice, not that great for me, so I had about 3 teaspoons worth. And I had a pretty good helping of the beans but knew I would be hungry later.
  Now, the reason things went downhill. When we got to Grandma's she said "Lady", the dog, hadn't eaten in two days. This is very unusual for this very upbeat, active dog. So, I and the husband went outside and Lady was in the very back of her Igloo which is again very unlike her. Long story short, we knew something was wrong and she had to go to the Vet hospital ASAP. Her breathing was hard and she wasn't herself. My mother-n-law drove out and took Lady with my husband while I stayed back with Grandma. After a few hours they called and said they had to put Lady down. Xrays showed a liver twice its normal size and her heart swimming in fluid. They then did a blood panel which confirmed cancer. Her heart was suffocating her.
  By the time mother-n-law and the husband got back it was 10:30pm. My husband hadn't even had dinner yet. We got home and he made a sandwich. This is where I got offtrack. I knew I was physically hungry. I think if I had gone to bed at a regular time, around 9 or so, I could have made it until morning. But it was late, and emotionally down. I made a grilled cheese sandwich. And ate it. I had a fridge full of healthy items, and I chose a grilled cheese sandwich. I learned two things from this. Sometimes things happen in life that take us off of plan. Its how we deal with these issues that will help us succeed. Second thing I learned, I am an emotional eater. Duh, right? While I was physically hungry, the choices I made were emotional. I wanted comfort food. So, in the future I need to figure out how to deal with things better. Any suggestions???
  While tonight certainly isn't the typical, it is still not a reason to go off the wall and go crazy. But I can recognize that while things did not go as planned and I did not make the best choices, I cannot beat myself up over it. I have to remember that if I stick to the 80/20 rule, making healthy choices 80% of the time I will succeed. I will get back on track tomorrow and make better choices the rest of the week.
  Being at Grandma's for over 5 hours tonight also put a damper on some of my other goals. I did not do my 30 min of housework today. Although I think grocery shopping should count, right?? No cheating, I know. It is not the same thing. I cleaned the kitchen earlier in the morning, but don't think I got in 30 min straight. I also did not get any exercise minutes in today, but as long as I meet my goal for the month, I am good.
  So, heres to a better day tomorrow....


  1. I think the fact that you are able to recognize and be aware of your choices is a great start! I was reading something yesterday that if you decided to play tennis, you wouldn't just automatically go out and win every game when you first start. You would have to practice a lot and probably make mistakes and lose a lot. But that doesn't mean you give up, you just keep practicing. Just continue to make good choices and it will get easier. I'm sorry about Lady! I probably would have done some emotional eating myself if my dog died!

  2. I am so sorry about Lady.

    I eat Fage yogurt. I have to eat it with Davinci sugarfree syrup. Maybe give that a try?