Sunday, January 8, 2012

Week at a glance

 Man....what a week. As I have mentioned before, it seems like the harder I try, the worse/harder things are. I don't get it. I think this post calls for bullets...
  • Weight-loss of only .5-while I am grateful for any loss at all, I was expecting more. And the way I planned my weight loss goals for the year, I am behind the 1.5 per week average. Good thing is there is still plenty of time to make it up. I have to re-evaluate this week and see where things went wrong.
  • Scale-only weigh in once per week-yeah this didn't happen. Hello, my name is Ashleigh, and I am a scaleaholic. This will take practice. Maybe I need to put the scale out of plain view and in a cabinet.
  • Exercise-I completed 90 min of exercise this past week. Not great, but a big improvement. I used my Wii Walk It Out game for 30 min, walked during my breaks at work for 30 min, and went to the gym once, yesterday, for 30 min. I am proud of these figures and am sure this next week I will add to them. I am sure I will still meet my total exercise minutes for the month.
  • Measure all meals at home-didn't happen, not even once. I don't know why really. I guess its because I truly believe I can "eye" it and figure out how much 1-1 1/2 cups really is. I plan on making this a priority this week.
  • Consistently follow 80/20 rule-this week was about a 70/30. I made healthier options, but could have done better in some areas. I was really good at work and was below my 1200 calorie count on most days. I am going to try harder to make sure I get in all of my calories as I have heard sometimes not getting enough can stall weight loss.
  • No soda at all-YEAH!!!! I can proudly say I have not had any soda since the new year. Is it hard; yes. But I do not plan on going back on this one.
  • Run a 5K-I still need to find a race
  • Blog regularly/5 days a week-Unfortunately this one didn't happen. I need to set a specific time to do this. I think at work is best as that is when I have a little extra time during my lunch
  • No computer/TV one day a week-I didn't plan this one out well at all. After a long days work I and my husband enjoy sitting down with each other and watching our favorite shows. Especially since this week all new TV started for the season. I know I have to adopt this though to change our habits and get moving more. This is also hard as I usually fall asleep to TV at night. Not sure what I will do about that one.
  • Read 6 books-I have enjoyed working towards this goal. I picked up a novel I had finished 1/2 of and have read a couple of chapters each day.
  • Housework/clean 30 min each day-I have done pretty good at this one. Not 30 min EVERY day, but pretty close.
  • Prepare meals at home-we prepared meals for lunch and dinner every day this week except one night which is allowed per my goal. One day I even told my husband I did not have time to make his lunch and that he could buy at work and he said, "Do I have to?" What??? Excuse me, is this my husband wanting to make his lunch!!!! Total NSV. He ended up picking out a few healthy things himself and was on his way.
  • Track calories/use BodyBugg-I have kept to this one fairly well. Maybe not putting in ALL of my calories, but it is so nice to see the deficit of calories burned to calories taken in. In order to be accurate though I need to make sure to calculate everything.
 So there you have it. I think I did much better this past week than previously and still only saw .5 lost. I am not going to get discouraged though. I know I need to up my exercise and just make sure to keep track of those calories and portion sizes. Heres to hoping to see better results next week!


  1. No soda is a great accomplishment! It was tough for me, but totally worth it! Don't crave it at all anymore!
    0.5 is a LOSS!! Sometimes your body just isn't ready to adapt to all your hard work and it will come off next week! It took me a long time to realize that but it's finally sinking in.

    P.S - I'm a scale whore too!!

  2. A loss is a loss. Just enjoy working your way down.
    Sounds like you are working your goals. Great job.

  3. At least you are being completely honest with yourself, stay that way and you will reach your goals. I'm cheering you on :o)

    P.s. Tag, you're it :o)

  4. I need to take the same steps you did so I too can read a book from cover to cover. I seem to only have time to read a chapter each month.

  5. I think you're doing great! Just keep working at it.